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Back in 2004 
... we had an idea. At the time, denim was becoming over-designed, over-hyped and over-priced, and that didn’t sit right with us, so we set out to right those wrongs. To us that seemed like an easy fix. We would make it our mission in life, throw everything we had at it, and that’s how Dr. Denim came to be. We’ll never be completely done because this is no longer a fix – ‘denim and good times’ is our way of life. So, here we are, still doing just that. We’d love for you to join in.

Denim is a serious business. Life isn’t. With a focus on denim, our collections are timeless staple fits created with obsessive attention to detail and extraordinary craftsmanship, which are simultaneously embraced by and inspired by global streetwear and subcultures. Through our pieces’ longevity, we encourage responsible rewear and reuse.